Effectiveness of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education

Views of Lecturers with different levels of activity in LMSs


  • Dr. Yaron Ghilay, Ph.D. The NB School of Design and Education


learning management systems, Moodle, learning, teaching


The aim of the study was to examine the effectiveness of the Learning Management System (LMS) according to views of lecturers with different levels of activity in LMS. The research was based on a sample of lecturers (n=45) who teach academic courses using Moodle. They were asked to answer an online questionnaire to assess their attitudes about the characteristics of Moodle LMS they use for their courses as well as their level of activity in Moodle.

The findings indicate that there was a significant difference between two groups of lecturers. With regard to faculty members whose level of activity in LMS is medium or higher, all of the LMS characteristics examined were very highly rated. On the other hand, in relation to lecturers whose level of activity in LMS is low, most of the factors examined were rated with lower than intermediate scores.

Possible explanations for this considerable gap of activity may be lack of knowledge or motivation. Therefore, it is recommended to identify the reasons for lecturers’ low activity and train, encourage or motivate them so that they become more active in LMS.






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