Standards and Guidelines of Phlebotomy

Roles They Play in the Classroom


  • Dr. Sherri Cooper, EdD, MA, BA, CMA, PT Independence University


phlebotomy, blood, medical procedures, training, instruction


"Phlebotomy, both an art and a science, is performed primarily for diagnostic evaluation of the blood. Standards of training in the methods and procedures of phlebotomy are varied depending on the healthcare provider’s position and previous instruction. The institutions that provide training are often left to create their own standards and procedures based on subjective experience and relative exposure. The implications of unqualified instructors include poor patient care, poor safety practices and a diminished reputation for phlebotomist.
This study reveals that although there is a common desired outcome, the instructional practices are based on what is important to the phlebotomy instructor’s experience. Phlebotomy is a skill that requires some measure of instruction and yet, the assumption is that there is a gap between the desired methodologies set forth by authorities on the matter (OSHA, WHO, and other credentialing bodies) and the methodologies actually used in the classroom."






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