Free Your Mind

Reflections on Bridgett McGowan’s Lights, Camera, ACTIVE!


  • Beverly Fierro, MS MA Independence University


creative thinking, online learning, creativity, diffuse thinking


The online environment challenges instructors to engage students in the learning process. The live session attendance has lagged in the past. The webinar presentation attended and reviewed provided some creative, attention-grabbing ideas designed to stimulate the curiosity and compel the student to attend. This article focuses on the need for instructors and students alike to increase their curiosity, thereby increasing learning. Learning to improve the creative thought process within a standardized format becomes a challenge and a technique to be mastered. The education system prioritized uniformity and diminished the opportunity and exercise of creativity, impacting the progression of society and socioeconomics. To continue competing in the global market, those creative ideas become crucial. Everyone has the capacity to engage in creative thinking, allowing for diffuse attention to exercise that thought process. Rather than focusing on a prescribed format for delivery of information, the instructor is urged to think creatively in providing attention garnering invitation and content.






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