A U.S. History Virtual Makerspace


  • Dr. Debra Chittur, Ed.D Independence University


US history, makerspace, virtual space


Makerspaces, creative learning environments that provide tools, resources and mentors for their members, have sprung up across the country.  Maker culture can be found in higher education settings, as well.  Online digital media labs, media creation tutorials, photo and media collections and editing tools, and software lending libraries are popping up from public providers across the country.  In an online setting, a Makerspace would have to be comprised of virtual tools.   I envision a Makerspace that works like a wiki, with all the tools I imagined for the three different types of projects in one place.  Students would be able to choose which of the three types of projects they wanted to complete, or they could opt to do a mashup of two or more of the different types.  Educational theories in the areas of Constructivism, cognitive tools and socio-cultural learning support the Makerspace approach. Although Makerspaces have grown quickly in the areas of science and engineering, it is hard to identify an area of academic inquiry that could not benefit from this approach.  My hope is that I can take this approach and create interest and engagement in an online clubhouse devoted to History.






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