Opinion: Issues in Higher Education, Part II

Who Will Study It?


  • Mark Aiken, MSW, CSW Independence University


Higher Education, Student Enrollments, Opinion, Rights vs. Privileges


Responding to the three fundamental questions regarding higher education decisions posed by Cohen and Kisker (2010), which are: what will be studied; who is going to study it; and who is going to pay for it; this is part two, an opinion piece on who is going to study it?  Reviewing the transition through the twentieth century of college and university enrollments moving from allowing only the elite to obtain an education to allowing all who desire an education.  It is from this change in society and the higher education market place, that the author proposes that a well-educated society benefits all and if a school receives funds from public sources it should be an open enrollment school allowing all who desire an education to have the opportunity to receive that education.  With the number of schools in the United States and with the availability of online education, there is no reason education shouldn’t be available to all and in the end, an education should be a right and not a privilege, open to all that can demonstrate the ability to succeed.






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