Trifecta of Student Engagement Framework

A Catalyst to Online Course Success and Degree Completion for Transfer Students?


  • Jamie Gilbert Mikell, EdD Athens State University


trifecta of student engagement framework, online learning, transfer students, nontraditional students, student engagement


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the benefits of implementing the Trifecta of Student Engagement Framework in online courses and its subsequent benefit to transfer students, including degree completion. Many students who seek to transfer from community colleges are nontraditional and due to the rapidly increasing financial concern resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, community colleges are growing in popularity as a cost-effective option for many potential and existing college students. It is critical for the often-nontraditional transfer student to feel engaged in courses to facilitate their ultimate goal of degree completion. The Trifecta of Student Engagement framework proposes that students need to be engaged with course content, peers, and instructor to be wholly engaged in an online course. The Trifecta of Student Engagement framework may, in turn, aid buy-in to the university, academic programs and ultimately aid in the enablement of degree completion for transfer students.






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