Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) in Higher Education

Multi-text and Quantitative Courses


  • Dr. Yaron Ghilay, PhD The NB School of Design and Education


Computer Assisted Assessment, Quantitative Course, Multi-text Course, Moodle Assessment Tool


"The aim of the study was to examine the effectiveness of Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) regarding multi-text courses compared to quantitative courses in higher education.
The research was based on three samples of students (n1=20, n2=29, n3=27, n-total=76) who studied three courses, assessed by CAA (multi-text and quantitative). The learners were asked to answer an online questionnaire to evaluate their perceptions towards this method of assessment. Besides, the courses' grades were compared to find out if there are significant differences among them.
The findings indicate that CAA has significant advantages for both types of courses regarding its effectiveness, integrity, experience and flexibility. Furthermore, the grades are stable over time, and are independent on the type of course. Thus, it is recommended to adopt CAA in faculties of higher education teaching both quantitative and multi-text courses. "






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