Increasing mental health awareness and services to meet the needs of online students


  • Brittany Marrero Independence University


mental health, online education, student services, online student needs


This article discusses the need and benefits of colleges providing online students with mental health support and resources. College students who struggle with managing their mental health may also struggle academically. Numerous traditional colleges offer mental health resources to ground students. With the growing number of students pursuing college online, those same resources provided to traditional students are needed for online learners as well. The research confirms that mental health resources are necessary for online students and illustrates that colleges should consider incorporating these resources to assist their students better. This article will discuss that by assessing the mental health concerns of their students and providing the necessary tools, colleges can ensure that students have an increased chance of staying enrolled and completing their degree program. This benefits the college as well given that it can improve retention and lower the number of students that drop out due to mental health-related issues.






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