ACME Storage Area Network Solution


  • Sam Haney Independence University


ACME Network Solutions, data storage solutions


Adequate data storage is essential for most businesses to function properly in today’s business world. Without the proper data storage solution, a company could lose money and clients. The storage solution currently employed at ACME is subpar at best. It consists of a hodge-podge system of Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices, a few Network-Attached Storage devices, and local PC storage. This has not been very effective for the ACME company because it mostly relies on users to back-up their own data. The current system of updating spreadsheets on a NAS device has been too slow and very risky since there isn’t a backup. The purpose of this paper is to describe the current issues, propose a new solution, and discuss the potential positive business impacts that ACME may receive from the proposed solution.





Master's Thesis