Implementation of Three-Dimensional Mammography


  • Christopher Agens Independence University


master thesis, mammography, tomosynthesis


Willow Grove Medical Center is proposing the addition of tomosynthesis imaging to mammography, as well as a PACS upgrade to improve the quality of care that is offered to the community. The implementation of the project will take approximately nine months to complete and will entail training of various staff and physicians on the capability and functions associated with this new technology. Overall, the cost of implementation will be nearly three hundred thousand dollars but will have a relatively short pay-back period. The organization will be able to see increased revenue in other service lines by having the strategic advantage of being in a relatively large healthcare system. In addition, the organization will now be able to be in a more favorable position to compete with organizations that already offer the tomosynthesis service line. Finally, the addition of tomosynthesis will allow for improving community health with better navigation of patient who may have positive findings or those that need additional medical care. By offering a broader degree of services, patient’s needs may be addressed more thoroughly and timely.





Master's Thesis