Preoperative Patient Preparation


  • Richard Wiltse Independence University


preoperative preparation, nursing, patient safety, education, checklist


Patient safety is the number one priority of all health care facilities. I showed that educating nursing staff on the importance of preoperative preparation will improve the patient’s transition from one patient care area to another and create a culture of safety in the preoperative area. A PowerPoint presentation was created to educate the nurses on the preoperative preparation, a change in policy was also submitted to improve on patient transition from one area to another and a hand tool was created to minimize mistakes during handoff communication. Verbal feedback from participants who watched and listened to the PowerPoint presentation show that educating nurses in areas like patient safety and skills like filling out checklists and tools motivates these nurses to fill out the check list and use these tools to ensure the best possible care and outcomes for their patients. Educating nurses and improving their skills with communication and the use of tools can easily improve patient transition of care and also increase patient safety.





Master's Thesis