An Examination of Online Course Design


  • Diane Moffat, MBA, SPHR Independence University
  • Kenneth Mark Wallin Independence University


course design, learning objectives, online design, chunking


Over the next several pages we will explore several areas we believe will be of great interest to faculty in the online higher education niche. We have decided to focus our exploration on course design for online courses. Our first interest is understanding the value of aligning online course learning objectives with the anticipated course outcomes. In fact, we wonder as to the value to online instruction of aligning Learning Objectives to anticipated course outcomes? We also intend to explore the question of models for course submissions. Our question is whether there is value in developing models for course requirements that might improve student submissions? Our third area of interest for this article is in the lectures we deliver. Our question is whether online lectures should be presented in short chunks of information? We would examine the literature of interest in whether a five to 15-minute chunk that is narrowly focused might be of greater efficacy in information retention versus a broad swath of information delivered in 60-minute blocks of PowerPoint driven lecturing. Finally, we will examine some approaches to delivering knowledge to students in the process of instruction.





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