A Learner Centered Approach

  • Dr. John Elmer, DBA Independence University
Keywords: tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge, andragogy, pedagogy


You are in a convertible on a flat road driving 40 miles an hour. You throw a ball in the air. Will the ball come down 1) in front of the car 2) in the car 3) behind the car Unless you have knowledge of physics you may not know the answer. You must use your insight and intuition to determine what you consider to be the best answer. Most of the issues we adults have in our lives must be solved this way. In this paper, I suggest that post-secondary educators apply experiential techniques in the classroom, allowing students to learn through personal reflection and share their conclusions with others. Classrooms should be student-centered rather than teacher-centered. By the way, the answer is 3 – behind the car.

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