Stratified Development of Knowledge Learning Model

Adult Learning and Curriculum Development


  • Dr. Carmen Spears, RN DHA MSN BSN Independence University


Adult Learning, Curriculum Development, Learning Models, Stratified Development


Adult learning has become a major part of education in the last fifty years. Changes in technology, society, and learning modalities mean challenges that academia and curriculum development struggle to meet. Furthermore, the change in student demographics and motivations mean the original attempts to model learning must be reviewed. Now is the time to look more deeply into how adults learn in the current multi-technological venues of higher education. Proposing a learning model that meets the needs of these challenges and changing modalities is now an imperative. Proposal of a new learning model is not done easily or without significant forethought. The Stratified Development of Knowledge Learning Model seeks to identify learning behaviors, recognize behaviors and propose a model that will increase students who meet program outcomes. Time alone will drive the efficacy and pertinence of the model though the conversation starts now.





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