Thieving Magpie Beer Company

  • Elizabeth Sanchez
Keywords: mba project


The Thieving Magpie Beer Company is entering a multibillion-dollar industry that is seeing great changes in consumer tastes yet still lacks a gluten free (GF) product that can merit support beyond consumers with dietary restrictions.  Thieving Magpie will launch its line of beers with its Double IPA recipe for GF beer, aggressively pursuing a growing niche market while appealing to a broader and more established market of craft beer enthusiasts.  Overall beer sales nationwide are falling, but the craft beer market is thriving (“Beer 101,” 2014).  Annual sales for craft beer reached $20 billion last year, eclipsing the sales of the largest player in the beer industry, Budweiser, and taking a 14% share of the market (“Craft Beer Sales,” 2014; Mickle, 2014). This is encouraging to Thieving Magpie as it recognizes the opportunity to sell its unique product and make its mark in an industry that is trending favorably for craft brewers.  The company is positioned to establish its brand within a three year time frame so it may later grow its product line, appealing not only to those with dietary restrictions, but to all craft beer enthusiasts who enjoy a quality product. 

Master's Thesis